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I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 
Welcome to L. Raine

The Lights around Town

I'm a sucker for Christmas, lights, music, trees, carols, music, parties and especially, cookies and lights and music and carols and music and.. trees. 

I sure do like them Christmas cookies sugar..

 I'm also rather addicted right now to having my very own personal tree to sit by as I eat one of the best dinners: salmon, bagel, cream cheese and vegetables. Yes, I took a bite out of the bagel already. Don't judge. 

 Today was sunny and windy, and about 70 degrees. It was lovely to take off socks and shoes and sweaters to go sit in the sun for while. I live in a brick and mortar building and whenever the cold blows it comes sneaking in through the brick turning me into a little ice cube. Earlier, the heater seemed to be going out on my car, and my toes curled just a little thinking of being frozen all winter in my apartment and my car. Le Mis. Thankfully it did start cranking out some heat and the whole day brightened. 

 Tonight I went out for a walk before the sunlight disappeared completely, but I wouldn't have had to worry, because the night lights were twinkling against an indigo sky and I fell hard. With music, lights and a gentle temperature the outside seemed like a congenial friend. It's probably the first time I've been in a warm place with Christmas lights, and it just felt a little strange. 

It's lovely to come home to this little Court Square all lit up and homey.

An Open Letter about Living in NC

 This week has been one of those weeks when a new place feels like home. When contentment blends with a tang of dreams and life is enjoyed. I didn't expect to like NC so much, and I was happy with my low key life in Michigan. Winters spent hunkered by a wood fire, summers spent working and living by the lakes, quiet evenings with friends and community, home. I resisted leaving with my whole heart, and choked over tears while packing. I wanted desperately to stay where I knew everybody and had safe little holes to run back too, because I'm very like a hobbit in that respect. 

 I knew I had to go though with it, because when fear chokes me, then I have to go meet it. I drove to my sister's home that night, prolonging the inevitable and lost my voice more with each passing hour. That night we watched "Frozen" together and I croaked with laughter while thinking how appropriate it was to get a nasty cold while watching a movie about winter, and fear. 

"Let it go." 

 So I came, just in time for an NC spring. No voice, and the weather turned nasty just as I got here. Cold, rainy, depressing, and I started a new job, a new life, a new church, and moving in. But everyone welcomed me with open arms, and before I knew it I had a third home (MI and Guate are the first two) and a place I liked.

  I really hope this doesn't make anyone back home weep but I do like this place, where I live, the people I see often, the cities and culture and town living. It's nice being on my own, though it might get lonely if it lasts forever. I have no idea if I'll live here long-term because that isn't how Lyn operates, I move when I have a good reason to move but don't necessarily know when that will happen. Deciding to move here was the work of a few weeks, and that has worked for me thus far. 

There you have it, for those in Michigan and NC who wonder what my plans are? They aren't. I've found the absence of plans beyond short trips refreshing and restful, and until God nudges me again it will probably stay that way. 

Here I am, and here I’ll stay, where the lights of the night keep me company.

 With grateful thanks to the God of my fathers, who has blessed exceedingly above and beyond anything I could hope or wish for. Amen.





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