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Arrivés à Paris

How does one wrap up a segment of time in London, when there are still dozens of pictures to post and places to write about? I'm not up to it, so there will have to be flashbacks upcoming of Westminster, Big Ben, London at night, subways, food, and memories galore. The long and the short of it is there was too much life and too little time for writing and I'm behind. I don't much care either, because I can always write later while propping up my feet in my own little flat and remembering this trip. I did want to update you all on the latest change: Paris!

 This morning we parted ways and James, Ali and Titus headed off for Sicily while we boarded the Eurostar for Paris. It was a little scary, admittedly, because we had gotten to know London's workings well and starting over in another country with a different language looked big. It felt big, too, as three girls stood alone in Gare du Nord trying to figure out where Bus 54 left from Dunkerque -Gabriel Peri Metro. Due to an extreme lack of sleep the night before the grey matter in my head, at least, was at an all time low and I almost panicked wondering how to find anything here. Kerri helpfully suggested Information would know, and thankfully Lady Information did know. She told us where to catch the bus and we rode the stops until Blanche, where we walked to our street and located our flat.

 ...and then up, up, up the five flights of steps. Theo came down and helped us carry up our bags, nice man. 

Photo by Kerri

 Because we were exhausted when we got here it was hard to feel enthused about Paris, especially as the flat had not been heated before our arrival. Tired, hungry, cold, and still sick we all headed out to pick up some crepes before coming back to the flat to sleep. We pretty much just threw ourselves down on the available soft surfaces barely stopping to nod hello to more than the street, which is very beautiful. 

After we ate, woke up and ate again we had time to notice the apartment. It is also quite beautiful, though old, and there's just enough convenience to make it a good place to crash several days. The windows open to the street, and in the distance one can see the Sacre Coeur. 

 Tomorrow we plan to go out and visit a bookshop, the Louvre, and I hope visit the vintage shopping district. At this point we plan to be here for the weekend, but time will tell if we can tear ourselves away. 


Jour á Paris

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