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I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 
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Royal Borough of Greenwich: The Beginning

 We are here, sitting in a little flat near quiet streets in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It's hard to believe that dream has turned reality, and the six of us that were separate friend groups are becoming a group of six travelers who we've affectionately dubbed as the #europia15 group. 

This is us waiting on our red-eye at JFK, which is not my favorite airport to wait around in. This was soon after we all met, some of us for the first time. Funny how travel brings people together. 

However there is ample amusement to be had at places such as JFK  with people watching and we all got a kick out of this guy and his glass of beer. He might've had the longest legs I've ever seen in a pair of skinny jeans. 

Photo credits to @kerribemerry

Long waits, flights, uncomfortable seats, hunger (because who wants to pay for a $14 airport sandwich) children crying, and coughing plane-neighbors do eventually have an end and at 11 this morning we touched down at London Gatwick with these looks of "this can't be real" at each other. We rented a car, James gallantly drove with the confusing system (for us) of driving on the left side of the road and trying to figure out how everything was set up while driving a stick shift set up for the left hand as well. 

 Because of the long grueling day and night we'd had we opted not to go sight-seeing today and instead settled into our flat in Royal Borough of Greenwich, shopped for groceries, and oh heaven! actually showered and napped. Turns out it was a great decision, and we had so much fun just hanging out, cooking, and discussing what all we want to see. 

Dinner was a great success, and the co-effort of pretty much all of us. 

Meanwhile, we haven't seen much of England at all, but what we have seen confirmed that the south of England appears to be a pastoral, peaceful place dotted with old, beautiful buildings and newer, less beautiful sheep. Tomorrow we have plans to go be royal tourists and visit the most popular of the regular traps and maybe eat some fish and chips. 

Words and phrases noticed today: hire boiler, hire chiller, (heat/AC) Give Way (yield) and the little plaid-clad flight attendant who came whispering along the aisles of the plane "rubbish, rubbish." 

 Until later then. Cheerio! 

P.S. The accents here are delicious and altogether swoon-worthy. 

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