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That White Stuff + Fleece, and a Dreamy Yank

I had a desperately hard time getting up this morning and am still batting cobwebs from my eyes. Usually all it takes is a little peppy motivation and deep breaths and I'm at least tolerably well able to slide out of bed but this morning I was dreaming of a group of refugees who had finally gotten to food and were about to cross the river into a new life. The food looked good too, with baked beans, sausage, baked mac and cheese, and in short a potluck table set up for the benefit of the homeless. There was also a box of books for literary edification in their new life, and I (presumably a refugee though I knew I was just asleep) had excitedly delved into the books and found one I wanted. It seemed so thoughtful for Choice to have donated the books, and though the food was secondary benefit it likewise was awfully attractive.

 Then the alarm with cheerful obnoxiousness rang and vibrated and I couldn't believe it was time to wake up. I scrabbled for the phone and tapped snooze before I half knew what I was doing and got ready to eat the baked mac n cheese, and "ding, ding, ding." At this point resignation was "never so perfect as when the blessing denied looses some of it's value" and looking outside to the little roof skyline outside my window seemed a suitable alternative to dreams rudely cut off. 

Nice reward for getting up. I remember waking up as a kid to see a sibling or mom telling us, "look outside!" We were always terribly excited about snow, and that part of me has never grown up. 


 Rewind a bit to pre-dawn and on went all the layers of fleece, denim and down and I slipped outside to walk around and puzzle all the southerners as to why someone would willingly choose to go out in this stuff at six-thirty of a cold morning to see it up close. A policeman looked at me suspiciously to make sure I wasn't in trouble, or planning to play hooky from school. People with shoulders up around their ears were shivering to work, as were their cars. The roads were quite slick, and as bad as these pictures are, I can't quite resist posting them because 'what ho!' it finally snowed in the south. 


Snow in the south is wet and bone-chilling. This calls for a latte and cranberry-orange coffee cake. 

Stay warm, y'all.


A Spring day in Salisbury

A Spring day in Salisbury

Snow Flying