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Snow Flying

I saw snow! Real snow, cold snow,

blowing snow, falling snow

other people enjoying snow,

 snow on trees, snow on leaves, 

and best of all, snow on me! 


Here I am at the beginning of the day, warmly optimistic about learning to board. I've skied before and learned pretty easily, so I guess I thought the board was going to be just a little bit harder. Wrong! It was a lot harder. I calculated yesterday to have fallen an average of about 70 times with the end result that there are few places on my body that are not sore or bruised. I dunno, maybe I'm shooting that number high, but it's got to be close. 

 The whole thing seemed confusing, because even just figuring out which food to lead with was hard, let alone staying on my feet. Both ways felt foreign to me, and either way I was going to fall on some body part that wasn't going to be happy about it. The first slope I went down was banked and not wide enough for somebody with zilch control, so I also fell to keep from going down that. Thinking about it, that was what was so terribly discouraging at first, because my only way to control was to fall. The biggest problem with that wasn't how much it hurt to fall though it did now and then, but how I could hardly get back up again after awhile. The first 20-30 times I fell felt like it required herculean effort to get back up again, and I would stare longingly at all the folks gliding by me on skies and inwardly wail, "that could be me!" 

I wanted to switch, but something in me wouldn't let me. Maybe it was the realization that if I got off that board now I'd never get back on another one. Something very like mewling determination rose up inside of me and I got back up one more time, and one more time, and 20 more times. 

And I like it! I like boarding. I haven't learned to carve well, but there is some kind of euphoria that comes with boarding that is hard to pin point, other than a feeling of being on top of the world. Maybe that's why people like it so much. Control is hard at first, but once you master it, it bows to you and you begin to fly.

I still like skiing and I'll ski again, BUT... 

I'll also board. 

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