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My Life Plan - Per Rachel

Awhile ago I mentioned to my roommate about how I wanted a life plan, and would she write one for me? The idea tickled her fancy, and being of the creative sort, she set off to write me a plan. The results charmed me, omitting the untimely death of my husband (Ahem

Life Plan

2016 Finish out the year at Carefree. Throw a grand and glorious Christmas party, after which we walk the streets in the cold in our lovely boots and admire the lights

2017 Move to Michigan for 6 or 8 months while Rachel experiences living alone. Take furniture along, as there is another plan for when you move back. Henk henk

2017 Late fall. Return to Mocksville and buy a little town house. Rent out half to Abby. Throw glorious parties all the time, while Rachel deliberates about staying in her apartment or moving in to the party. 

2018 Establish yourself as the local copywright and rent a tiny little office downtown so that your work isn’t at home. Go to work each morning at 8:45, and work till whenever the work is done. Sometimes work as late as the architect in the square. Feel ashamed for scolding him every night. (see below for story behind this)

2018 Late fall. Have the architect ask you to do some work for him. Happily agree since you’re in a slight slump.

2019 Bond with the architect over late nights spent slaving away. Accept his offer to go see the Sistine Chapel with him, which he actually designed. (huh?)  Fly to Europe together, and forget to come back. 

2020 Have a quaint little Parisian wedding, then honeymoon on the beaches of Italy. 

2021 Spend a few happy years together, designing buildings and writing web content and roaming Europe. Have a curly headed little girl. (short)

2025 Architect falls to his death from the top of one of his buildings. Last words heard as he plummets to the ground is a declaration of his love for Lyn. 

2026-2080 Lyn lives in a tiny little gray cottage with white shutters and an extensive rose garden in some little English town ending with -bury. She continues to write, and publishes a memoir of her and architect’s adventures together. Curly headed little girl grows up and goes to college, and becomes a photojournalist. Together, mother and daughter travel the world, seeing, writing, and becoming famous for their amazing work. 

Photo by Kerri, taken in Verona, Italy

Thus I am left to weep through my lonely nights and wander by day on the cobble-stoned streets of the world. If any of you are interested, here is the life plan I wrote for her after she finished mine. No doubt there is poetic justice included in several life circumstances and happenings woven into her story. <insert angelic face here>

The Story about the Architect: in the square where I live there is an architectural firm called Fullers Architecture. Frequently when I come home at 10:30 or 11:00 at night the lights are still on in the firm, prompting me to mock scowl in that direction and tell the architect to go home to his wife and kids. I don't know why I do this, except that it's oddly comforting to know that there is still life in the square that late and I want to acknowledge in my own, crusty way that I'm glad he's still there. From this Rachel's imaginative flight picked him up and planted him squarely into my life plan. I've never met the man. 

Back to real life. 

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