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Get over it: Opinions


I've been thinking about opinions. People are too free with those online, to the point where many news articles or blog posts turn into festering cesspools of people's unfiltered trash, with unknown trolls lurking in the deeps. It's much easier to be negative about something than to find something that builds up. If you must give your opinion on something try to make sure it actually matters.

 For instance, I love the Pioneer Woman's recipes and have a secret crush on her Oklahoma life, but can't stand the gazillion pictures she includes in every blog post. "Here, let me show you the many ways I chopped this onion while the angels sang and the butter melted." This doesn't make her writing bad and it certainly hasn't affected her popularity, it's merely my personal opinion. It's easy enough for me to skip to the bottom of the page, huffing and puffing from finger exertion. My point is, what good would it be for me to say this to her (even if I could have an audience amongst the hundreds of thousands clamoring for her attention) because it doesn't matter in the end.

There are two types of opinions: the kind that says "I don't like the gazillion almost-identical pictures Ree Drummond has on one blog post" or "I don't like Ree Drummond because of the gazillion pictures on one blog post." There is a vasssst difference. One is an impersonal remark expressing an opinion and the other is a directly personal remark. 

At the end of the day we're all responsible for our own reactions, no matter how jerky or insensitive someone else has been. Besides that, people sometimes say things that hurt that were not meant that way. We're all humans, thus we have opinions and criticisms. Not everything has to be politically correct, but not everything has to be said. Filters get a bad rap for making people's lives look unattainable on social media, but filters also strain out bad or unnecessary stuff. Filters are a good thing. 

Don't tear people down, build them up. 

Coming up. Constructive criticism. 


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