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Leggings are not pants

Leggings are not pants

Oscar Wilde said: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." Now and then I feel an amount of facetiousness descend upon me and to reduce it to lesser levels I take to Pinterest to write snarky things on my Fashion Fail board or write small essays on it in blogworld. Today I write because I'm tired of leggings, in two ways actually. I'm tired of wearing them because I just got back from Florida from whence I basked in tangible sunlight, and because a friend just sent me this excellent video from Jen Hatmaker regarding the wearing of the aforementioned. 

Leggings are less of an awful fashion accessory, or something that should never have happened, than an incomplete understanding of how true and timeless style works. In our culture it's popular to consider that everything goes and rules are made to be broken, however we've now reached heights of stupidity and idiocy not imagined by our grandfathers and mothers in almost every level of society and are discovering that to have no boundaries and no exclusions is to have an extremely dissatisfied life. Free sex, friends with benefits, no moral definition, wear-whatever-you-want, political correctness, potty-mouth living where no one calls out anything nor dares debate upon whatever could possibly be disagreed upon is normal. I'm not talking about rules like Emily Post's never-wear-white-after-labor-day-and-before-memorial-day rule, but presenting the idea that our understanding of life as a whole is the reason people do dreadful things like wear leggings solo. This is part facetious, part serious, by the way, and I am in complete earnest when I say that ridiculous and possibly dead-wrong fashion trends will always be around, but when society as a whole adopts a careless way of dressing it's time to examine the shocking lack of thought, principle and intelligence laying the groundwork for it. I hold it as a matter of course that if we don't care how we look, we don't care about a lot of other things either. 

 While clothing does not define who we are, who we are defines our clothing. 

Meanwhile, back to the case for ushering out the trend of leggings as pants for appropriate public wear; the photo below is not what would be considered a "worst" fail at all which is precisely why it is perfectly suited to the post today. This is Anne Hathaway, a lovely actress who is in shape, fit and has a good figure. Now for someone with her talents, her mind, and her physical attributes one would assume she could wear anything and be a showstopper but this photo doesn't do her justice and what is surprising is that for her to look "meh" was simple and easy, all she had to do was wear leggings and a short top. 

 That is my point. I know people have all kinds of reasons for hating on leggings, and with true justice I can say I know people are wearing them appropriately in many cases. With long tunics, under dresses and skirts, as nightwear, as workout wear (please wear compression and long shirts, for goodness sake) and probably under jeans and etc. I know some hate on it for reasons of modesty, and others for reasons of lust. I can have nothing to say on either of those points because without a doubt there is a valid point there though the topic is usually narrowly addressed. My own personal view is that people, especially in the US, have a faulty framework for making a good style decisions, which is usually because they think "if I can wear it, I should." Of course they can wear leggings as pants, but the should is lacking. It's a fad, I submit, and fads are the very negation of reason. 



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