Writing to connect the professional and small business world.

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Tell me about L. Raine services

Copy writer and editor, L. Raine serves small businesses by writing landing pages, social media content, professional pitches, blog posts for businesses, bios, and descriptive product content. Also, provides editing services for pre-existing content.

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I build basic, functional websites using Squarespace.

Click on the button below to say hello, we'll chat to see if my service is a good fit for your company, and potentially move on to getting the project started. 


"It's tough to find a good copywriter who can hear your ideas but also read between the lines and understand your vision. Lynette is a copywriter like that. I've had the opportunity to hire Lynette for several projects to produce written copy for web pages and printed marketing pieces, and it's been such a great experience. She delivers on time, on budget and handles revisions and suggestions with professionalism. I hope we'll have many more opportunities to work on projects together." 

-Merle Fisher, Logo & Branding Design



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Tell me why I should hire L. Raine

It's hard to find an agency within the price point of a small business, which is why I've isolated my services to make good writing available for everyone. My goal is help you make a stellar first impression. 

You never know when someone will hit your website or social media for the first time and you only have a few seconds, and maybe 1-2 clickthroughs, to make that introduction count. I'd like to help you do that. 


L. Raine listens to your vision and makes it happen. Loved the clear communication. 

-Client project - Squarespace Website Design & Copywriting

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About L. Raine

L. Raine is a one person entity based near Winston Salem, NC. Powered, though not sponsored by coffee, I received my introduction to copy and content writing several years ago and have spent the time since then learning how to make every word count. I believe that less is more, and spend time thinking about how to apply that to professional and personal life. 

My goal is to make things as simple as I can for both of us.