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I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 

More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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My List of Favorite Things for a Rainy Day

My List of Favorite Things for a Rainy Day

Note: of course, this would be a fine, sunny Monday but I decided to post anyway. One must be prepared for rainy days, after all. 

Hi you,

Today I took a look at my usual Monday morning post and thought, "by all appearances I lead a sad and doleful life." I would hate for you to think so, because my life is actually comprised of some really wonderful moments. So then I thought, perhaps you could appreciate some of my everyday blessings of mundanity also. 

It's raining whilst I write, and rain makes me strangely happy. Is it the same for you? It's ok if you love sunshine more; I also adore a good, sparkly clean kind of day. But rain, rain has always inspired a sort of cozy, secure feeling for me that makes me think it must feel a little like being a baby again, all wrapped up in warm blankets with no care beyond basic life. 

But I don't really need much to stay happy either. A good book, some tea or coffee, a bit of chocolate, wind in the rattly autumn trees, and rain on a tin roof. 


  • Trader Joe and their 72% chocolate. I wonder if I should try to keep it stocked more regularly? On the other hand, Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is the most indulgent mass market chocolate I've tasted. Perhaps both in the cupboard? 
  • The Borrowers Book Series. Ever wondered where all those bobby pins, safety pins, and bits of paper disappear to? The Borrowers, always the Borrowers. Fall in love with these little scraps of humans who borrow from the Big People in order to live. They live in little corners and burrows, and their lives are fascinating. Light reading and suitable for children.
  • Chai. If you haven't got the ingredients or gumption to get up and make it from scratch, Twinings Chai Tea is a good bet to accompany a rainy day. Or, if you are sensitive to caffeine, Sweet Dreams is just that, dreamy and lightly sweet. 
  • Suffer from the chill while reading? Wrap your body (or your neck) in a supersized plaid blanket scarf. To be honest, I mostly use these scarves as blankets, because they are so large it is difficult to arrange attractively as a piece of clothing. But do get one anyway. You won't find a more adorable blanket. 
  • Music. This French Cafe playlist is my current favorite for rainy days, or a good album by Enya, such as "Day Without Rain"  because I'm weird like that. Enya really does host perfect rainy day music. 
  • This collection of French cartoons translated to English. They're hysterical to read if you don't want to commit to a book, and have a hankering to snort-laugh about something light and witty. 
  • Rainy day fare. We must not forget about dinner, and my current favorite comfort food is this recipe of Curried Lentils, to serve with rice and sour cream. It's my favorite meal of the last month, especially when finished with mango mochi ice cream. Meal is lovely when topped with more hot tea. 

What do you like best on rainy days? 

L. Raine


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