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Hey Guys! 14 Things Girls wish You knew about Style

Hey Guys! 14 Things Girls wish You knew about Style

Hi you, 

I've written a lot for the girls and style recently, but guys, let's talk about your style now; the style game is certainly not just feminine. I'm fortunate to know a lot of guys with style that is en pointe, but for every guy in the U.S. that does pay attention to what he wears there's probably 15 more that don't; either way, here's what the girls wanted to say to you:

We like when you wear nice clothes. We like when you guys are interested in being groomed and tailored, and there's nothing that can make a girl roll her eyes faster than a guy who thinks it isn't manly to be interested in wearing nice, well-fitted clothes, or disdains dressing up. Even a camo-wearing, hunter girl wants to see her guy dressed to the nines every now and then. 


There's not a sensible girl alive who wants you to dress a certain way to impress us, because there's an altogether good chance it's not really you and you won't keep doing it forever, so it has to be genuine. We like being impressed, don't get me wrong, but first and foremost want you to do it for you. Because you care about looking nice and because you like the look.We're not all the same; some girls like beards, some don't, some like the rugged, camping style and some love a more suave, well-suited and shaven look. The point is not to all look the same, but to actually pay attention to your grooming and the fit of your clothes. 

Care about how you look. Be yourself, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that being groomed and styled is not manly. You want a girl to pay attention? Pay attention to yourself first. You guys with wives, this definitely goes for you too; nothing says "I value you" more than a little effort to clean up your look and smell nice. Trust me, your girl will love it. 

I've curated a collection of quotes from girls who were excited to have the guys hear what they care about in guy's style. I put a request out on Instagram and loved all the responses: enjoy!

Just remember, these are opinions and not meant to be taken without a grain of individuality. 

No skinny jeans! Slim-cut is sharp, but no skinny.
Pleated slacks shouldn’t even exist. Styled hair is just right.
Stand tall no matter what you’re wearing. It can make anything look decent. Slouching can ruin any good look.
Never underestimate the power of a deodorant and nice cologne. Girls have been known to swoon over guy’s cologne. They actually talk about it quite a lot.

"A good haircut goes a long way. Don't drown yourself in cologne. Careful with your thin white dress shirts that have no layers underneath. Polo shirts are casual, not formal wear. Velcro on a wallet shouldn't be used by anyone older than middle school."

"Good style is never good if it means they have an over-bloated ego to go with it." 

"I took a wild guess that most girls responding would be into preppy, tailored suits and pointy shoes. Whereas I have always leaned toward a nice pair of boots and man that still looks like a man, even in a suit. Not to say mine is the best way - each person gets to have their own tastes and I'm expressing mine. "



Shot by  Tommy Ton

Shot by Tommy Ton

Clean shoes matter. The only time you can pull off an outfit with old beat-up shoes would be boots or chucks and they’d have to be with the proper outfit for sure. 

"All jeans are not created equal. Baggy Grandpa jeans can quickly ruin an otherwise stylish outfit. On the other hand, skinny jeans aren't always the way to go either; they can make a burly guy look like a top-heavy caricature."

"Wear a tank top under your shirts and tuck them in. There is nothing that says poor class more than seeing one's underwear or worse, the result of the Doctor slapping you on your backside at birth."


"I don't know if I can really contribute, because honestly, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to my husband's clothes, unless it's a more serious occasion and his outfit clashes with mine."

Sport jackets with jeans are very good for every day ever. And please, more henleys.
Well-fitting clothes, facial hair that is kept after... But of course it’s more that actually matters. It’s the heart of a man. How he treats the women around him, if he jumps to give his chair, if he actually listens and notices those that aren’t trying to “get all the attention.”


When a girl sees a guy care about his personal appearance she relaxes a little, because chances are he will also care about deeper things as well. Someone who is uniformly sloppy or un-groomed suggests someone who is undisciplined in more important matters, and these are the things that determine whether a friendship or relationship can grow stronger. Of course we want romance, and good looks or style are added benefits, but we're not "air-head bimbos" that only look to the outside finesse or manners.

A guy who is kind, respectful, morally and mentally strong, humble, has a good sense of humor, and is responsible will always win with any girl of sense. No one wants to be valued only for a certain quality or look, and to value someone only on something external (even if important) would be incredibly short-sighted. Every real girl looks past merely who looks handsome or can bench the most weight to whether he is real in heart and soul. Style is important, but a guy who is genuine, caring, and kind will always have our ultimate respect. 

We're pretty, reasonable creatures in the end, I'd say. We just want a good foundation, strong walls, and curb appeal all in one package. A guy who knows what he wants and goes after it with strength and humility... and a fine sense of humor. 

And for #14: one last, golden response to the query sent out - here it is guys - a poem just for you. 


Dressing up is so sexy
and men just don't get that
Get one actually tailored suit
and wear it often
If you're unsure of the dress code, too dressed up is better than not enough
don't ever ever ever ever wear jeans to a wedding. Ever. Unless it's on the beach in Florida and even then you should wear linen pants.
Please wear lots of skinny ties
and colorful socks
and good hygiene is so attractive
If you have a unibrow, pluck it
wear button downs for casual sometimes, instead of always tees
and let's just throw away all the cargo pants now, unless you're camping or being woodsy or something
Get nice brown leather shoes and wear them all the time
Can we just stop with the camo already?
Ok, I'll stop now. 


L. Raine

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