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hi you,

I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 

More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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I gave it all up. 

The need to be together and soft

The need to have it together and be tough. 

I gave it up! 

That a woman should be this way. 

And a man this. 

“Fulfill your longings, purpose for future” 

Everyone says this is the path, 

I cannot find it. 

Does it matter if I package myself in 

The most usual way? 

If I must lock up myself inside to accomplish love? 

Love is most true

At its worst moment

Who is there? 

Here I am

I may lose friends

I’m finally ok with that. 

The reducing of myself 

The complexity of holding up the world 

My world 

It’s not my world. Silly! 

I gave it up. 

No one has to understand. 

They don’t have to figure out why it’s hard 

To be 

Aggressive woman

Yearning woman 

It’s not proper for woman to be too much?

But it’s part of me

I won’t fight anymore

I give it up 

The need for outcome

I want to sing with the morning

And dance with stars

Croon over newborn glory

Change the world

Fight injustice 

Nurture change

Lose myself 

Who can tell? 

Which desires will endure the fire?

It doesn’t matter

The worthy ones will come forth as gold

Worry less, worry less 

Sing with the dawn 

Let go

Let go 

Let go 

Photo by Zachary Bedrosian

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