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4 Awesome Reasons to be a Short Girl

4 Awesome Reasons to be a Short Girl

Now and then I have to convince myself that it's fine to be short. Usually this happens when a pair of jeans is way too long, or I can't walk as fast as the long-legged ones, or an item in the tallest cupboard sneaks backwards as I'm jumping to try and tip it forward. So without further adieu I present my 4 reasons to be glad for short stature.

1. You fit into coach seats on airplanes. 

This is one of the bigger perks for short people; they can be semi-comfortable in economy seating without feeling like they are being pleated up like an accordion. Of course, most of us still can't stretch out our legs, but at least our knees and chins aren't hosting a meet and greet. 

2. Hugging is less awkward

Aforementioned roomie wrote a post on this topic about side hugs with tall girls and short guys, so let me just say avoiding awkwardly memorable hugs is a great reason to be short. Your arms just automatically fit with the other person, getting rid of the dilemma of "oh where do the arms go?"  Of course, if you're hugging someone your own height it's a little harder and there are some people that can make any hug awkward. 

One caveat for a short girl hugging a tall guy is, hello, where does the face go? Especially if you are super short or he is super tall I must insert a plug for the cheek kissing practiced by some other cultures. In this scenario there is less chance of terribly awkward scenarios, though of course, there are always stories like the time a friend and I were greeted by an overly-enthusiastic German in Central America.. but there's a story for another day. 

3. It's easier to hide in a crowd

This is a cowardly reason, to be sure, but one I'm glad to take advantage of. There are times when I really don't want to be visible and being short is a nice way to blend in. Add nondescript or dark clothing to that and it is nearly impossible for roommates to spot one in a store when one wishes to shop a little longer. 

4. You'll probably get to date someone taller

Shallow? Probably, but notable mention. If you want to date or marry someone taller than you chances are exponentially increased by being short. 

That's a wrap, folks. That is until my tall roommate gives me the post on "4 Awesome Reasons to be a Tall Girl." 





Be you, they said

Be you, they said