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More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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Golden Charleston | Rainbow Row

Golden Charleston | Rainbow Row

I don't have enough good things to say about this city, though I could think of a few things less-than-good if I were there in summer heat right now. Instead, for today I am going back to April 23rd and one of the best days of the spring, with fabulous friends. 

Enter, Rainbow Row

This part of the city was one for just lingering and poking around into different corners. Without a doubt one of my favorite spots was an artists gallery, I believe off King Street. I could kick myself a hundred times since then for not getting a picture or business card of the place. Apparently I was so enamored and overtaken with art that I neglected anything that could lead me back to it other than someday I will go back and wander the city until I find it. I'm not sure if it was the charm of the city or the fact that the curator compared me to one of the paintings, but I was head over heels for that gallery. The resident artist was there, painting just outside the door in the a lush, green alley and his style also was full of light, color, and serenity. Not wholly impressionist, though his style had definite ties to it; I believe he called himself more of a modern impressionist, with strong ties to nature. 

Much of what he painted had was inspired by the streets of Charleston, and his use of light and shadow was masterful. His paintings were real and you could practically place yourself into and feel the city. Meanwhile as I was under the spell of the art and Amy kindly let me luxuriate there awhile, the rest of the girls were outside patiently waiting and enjoying sights like this. Inspiration indeed!

Light plays with shadow. I swoon.

Most of us changed for the evening after a long day in the same, travel-worn clothes, and went strolling through the market, the fountains, and by the harbor. 

 Golden evening light is one of the most magical of all, and we shot many, many pictures near the park.

It's crazy how much we fit into one day into Charleston, but we loved it. We didn't just rush around but spent plenty of time just chilling, like we did at the fountain for about half an hour. Best kind of day trip. 

Photo by Lyn

Photo by Lyn

A windswept walk by the harbor, in which we watched a docked cruise ship preparing to cruise on it. 

Soon after this next shot the foghorn, or very-loud-horn-that-made-us-all-jump sounded in which the gentleman next to us derived much amusement. 

We choose Hyman's Seafood by recommendation of my boss who loves southern food. I'd have to say that was a pretty spectacular shrimp n grits. That was the first time I ate the dish, and if this is the south, than bring it on baby!

Thus five girls ended one of the best day trips to a place which will always remain golden in their memories. 

Authors note: I have since then gotten the long coveted email from the artist gallery inviting me to an evening of jazz, art, and wine in their garden. Could I have gone without ditching responsibility I would've gone in an instant. However, I'm glad that I now know where it lives, and what it is called. I even have a shot of the painting that reminded the curator of me. Painted by Suzy Durband. 

All photos unless otherwise denoted are taken by Gretta, at Grettagraphy

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Golden Charleston | Crossing the Bridge

Golden Charleston | Crossing the Bridge