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Summer Beach Camping at Carolina Beach, NC

Hi you,

Among the dazzle of the beach vacation lies a humbler option: camping. Having put it on my NC bucket list a few years ago it was a delight to accept the offer to go with friends.

It was hot, but wonderful. I’ll always have best memories of a July weekend spent in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.


L. Raine

Best and Worst Days as a Kid + a Childhood Dream come True

I wanted two things for most of my growing up: to go to summer camp and to have a treehouse. What could be more cool than to climb to a little house high up in the tree, that was just for kids?! When my nieces and nephews wanted to show me their tree house on their back 40, there was no way in a hot Oklahoman day that I was not going to go see that. Are you kidding?

Come join.