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hi you,

I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 

More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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 How to Recover from PVSD: Post-Vacation Stress Disorder

How to Recover from PVSD: Post-Vacation Stress Disorder

Hi you, 

You've no doubt seen the symptoms: tired eyes, tendency to slump while sitting or walking, unsatisfactory sleep, and most importantly, inability to live in the moment. 

It's real, people. For that bump back to earth I have a few tips for a smooth landing. 

First off, acknowledge where you came from. Few things are recoverable from if you don't squarely face the root of it. Take a few moments (but don't close your eyes!) Think a little about all the great parts of the vacation, look at a couple of photos, remember a joke or two. Revel in the memory of good times. 

You're doing great. 

Second, guess what! You've already gotten up on the morning after vacation and that is the most important accomplishment. I'm proud of you (and me, yawn). Now, you must drink coffee. Preferably three cups, but two will do for a weekend vacation since jet lag is probably not involved. I know you can do this. 

Now, wear something nice. Your confidence to take on this day is directly proportionate to how polished you feel, so I highly recommend going above and beyond and dashing on some foxy cologne or perfume. Mmm, you smell good. See? No one will even notice your eyes. 

Plan something fun for tonight that is also relaxing. Maybe an hour at a coffee shop before you go to bed, or a nice couple of ounces of wine. Make sure to take care of that sunburn, get to bed early, and you'll be back to the present in no time. 

Brace yourselves people, beach photos to come Thursday. 


A Photowalk through Norfolk, VA

A Photowalk through Norfolk, VA

A Rainy Weekend & Thoughts about Love

A Rainy Weekend & Thoughts about Love