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I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 

More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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Birthday Giveaway!

Birthday Giveaway!

Three years ago a tall pineapple moved into my little flat above Court SQ. Neither of us knew much about the other and it’s a little like married people say, “we didn’t know anything back then.”

Three years of rooming in a tiny space will teach you many things. For instance, this tall pineapple can eat basically a head of cabbage in one sitting, makes a mean butter chicken, and more importantly has vast reservoirs of creativity that she is beginning to tap into as a jewelry designer; she already runs a witty blog over here. I admire her sense of adventure, color, humor, and industriousness.

She may have persuaded me to bring some color back into my wardrobe. That was an accomplishment.


Someday, I expect her to show me around all the corners of New York City, and spend time in another tiny flat in a bigger city. For now we live a somewhat maximalist lifestyle in a little flat above a music store, where the banjo rings at night and the Christmas tree twinkles upstairs.


I love my birthday, and cake, and receiving gifts. Getting gifts will never not be fun, but giving them as almost as enjoyable and this year I want to pay some fun forward.

2018 carried a theme of flying for me: from the beginning of the year where I applied to become a flight attendant (and was rejected), to learning let go on the dance floor, to learning to sing publicly without anxiety and panic attacks, to sky-diving in October. I hadn’t thought of it before beginning to write this introduction to the giveaway, but both Rach and I have both been learning how to do a lot of flying so our previous decision to give away this particular necklace is sweet serendipity.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado we introduce to you a signature piece of the Striped Pineapple Studio:


A.K.A SP Studio Leather Feather

Are you dizzy? I am a little. She’s a beaut.


This necklace has graceful lines and goes with any style from boho to minimal to frumpy. Ok, I’m just kidding about that last one, but seriously, if you have a day when it feels like your outfit (or you) need a pick-me-up, this piece has the gumption and beauty to do it.

  • It’s easy: just throw it over an outfit. From breezy dresses to a simple tee shirt and jeans to a cozy wintry look, it delivers.

  • Spritz a bit of your perfume onto it for a nice scent throughout the day, or if you’re an essential oils fan you can always dab a bit on the back to give you another pick-me-up.

  • It’s memorable: which is just what a gift ought to be. Plus, it’s probably the best stocking stuffer ever, next to tiny jars of Nutella.


The rules are simple, just leave a comment on the blog post, with advice for for my 31st year, or whatever ye please. Note: please enter your email where it asks for it in the comments, otherwise I might not know how to contact you. EEEPP. **

**Sale and giveaway run through December 15th.



The Striped Pineapple Studio has included a discount code for the duration of the giveaway, whether shopping for yourself or others. For example, a pair of these darling mini feather earrings, pictured below. They are priced at $12 with free shipping, and with the discount come it at right above $10, sans tax.

Just enter code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” at checkout to receive 15% off. Shop is found through this link. **


Y’all, thank you so much for helping me support the Striped Pineapple Studio launch, and celebrating my birthday! The gift of life is valuable, and I try never to take it for granted.

L. Raine

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