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Why I no longer Croak about Clothing Trends

Hey you,

I used to think trends the most horrific thing imaginable in style, and would skirt broadly around anything approaching flash in style. Wide leg pants? Never! Plastic earrings? What fresh horror…

We all get to laugh at ourselves down the road.


L. Raine

Buying Someone Else's Dream


Is minimalism for you? Here’s a dream-inspired rant that I went on after reading an article about how successful people wear “uniforms.” The air quotes might tell you a little something about my feeling on the matter, but read on if you wish.

Sassy today,
L. Raine

The Day I bought Gym Pants

Hey you,

Many Americans dress perhaps too casually, if there is such a thing, verging into frump-land. I found myself going a little far the other direction and dressing too formally for my lifestyle.

So I made a wild leap… :D You may read further by clicking below, if you so desire.

L. Raine