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I'm the tourist on the metro, lover of markets and dresses, a writer in the local coffee shop, and the friend who is always up for a picnic and conversation. 

More recently, making the journey through loneliness to write a book.

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Linen Pants, Vans + a Norfolk Sunset

Linen Pants, Vans + a Norfolk Sunset

Since dipping my toe into style blogging I find it to be an odd thing to write about. It may be because I've never been a diva or glamour girl (somehow most fashion bloggers tend to be one or the other), but who writes about style without an expense account, closet the size of my whole flat, or an "Instagram bod?" 

In this moment it occurred to me that perhaps you, a real person, are looking for representations of style that tie in with ordinary living, "real" bodies, and accessible clothing options. 


One of the fondest memories I have from last spring was a weekend trip to Norfolk, Virginia. We stayed just outside the more popular Virginia Beach in a place that was relaxed, but had less-than-great beaches. We spend some time there but the ocean was cold, so half of our time was spent skate-boarding, walking, and sitting looking over the bay. 

Notice the linen pants on the pregnant lady on the right. Very versatile style. 

Notice the linen pants on the pregnant lady on the right. Very versatile style. 


Mid Day in Norfolk

Sunny skies and mid-eighties. 


Riding around town

Vans + skateboards = meant to be



Did you note the reoccurring theme of light cotton or linen pants?  If I am quite honest, this blog post is really to persuade you to buy linen pants for your summer: guys and girls. They are truly one of the most comfortable article of clothing I have ever owned for hot summers and breezy evenings.

If you have known the misery of long heavy skirts or jeans on a 90+ day you have my sympathy, but only if you run out and purchase something lighter for this summer. Natural fibers are just the thing to wear in hot weather, and at the beach a nice pair of linens go on over swimsuits to dry quickly, provide a bit of warmth for evening-wear, and go with any sweater or top you may choose to carelessly throw on over top. 

They are magic pants. 



Hello, World!

Hello, World!

A little plug I want to make for swimwear is with Albion Fit Swimwear. Their swimsuits vary to fit the needs of real women and I have loved every single thing I've purchased from them. My favorite so far is in this Pink + Green Tropical print because it's colorful, interesting, and reminds me of gloriously windy days in palm trees, fresh licuados, and sunset swims. 

Plus, it has the added benefit of actually covering some skin, unlike many swim tops. 


Pink + Green Tropical Crop Swim Top

Click through to the link for the most darling back detail. It's a bit of an expensive shop, but I expect to wear these purchases for many years. 

There you have it. Real women, on an unsponsored vacation. 


L. Raine

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